Commonly Asked Questions

Does Just Sleep work for all types of sleep disorders?

Just Sleep's unique formulation addresses many sleep issues. One of the proprietary ingredient in Just Sleep Wulinshen, possesses the ability to facilitate the entry of glutamic acid and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) into the brain to activate the gamma aminobutyric acid receptors and exerts its sedative and sleep-promoting and mood-elevating properties.

How long will a bottle of Just Sleep Natural Medicine last?

One 2oz. bottle, taken as 6 medically metered sprays (adult doses) per day, will average out to a 60-day supply. This will vary according to an individual's needs.

How do I know that Just Sleep Natural Medicine is safe?

Just Sleep natural medicine is a registered pharmaceutical product manufactured in strict accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A national drug code (NDC) number is assigned to Just Sleep. In over 200 years of clinical use these ingredients have never caused any harmful results of any kind. Unlike another major otc sleeping pill, it is not habit-forming.

Is Just Sleep Natural Medicine safe to take with other medicines?

Yes. Just Sleep natural medicine is fast, safe and effective. There are no side effects and no known reactions with other drugs. In addition it is non-habit forming and has no contraindications. However, since proper sleep has such a diversity of healing effects, have your other medicines checked periodically. It is common to see the need for other medications decrease or even be eliminated. Note: Never decrease or eliminate a prescription drug without your doctor's advice.

What are the bottles made from and are they safe?

Just Sleep is packaged in an attractive cobalt blue glass bottles. There is no leaching of PBCs into the medicine as with plastic bottles. The bottles are nice enough to repurpose for home use or can be recycled. Just Sleep Natural Medicine is ecologically designed for both our body as well as our environment. Please recycle!

How do I know Just Sleep Natural Medicine will do what they say they will?

Just Sleep natural medicine has become the gold standard of all the natural sleep medications. And is registered by the FDA as a drug product. Just Sleep natural medicine offer a safe natural solution backed by science, clinical experience, FDA registration and most importantly the test of time. Although no medicine can guarantee results, we provide a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. So we take all the risk. Be Satisfied, or receive a refund.

How soon can I expect results?

Most people experience results within minutes of taking their first dose. However since just Sleep is working with the natural cycles of the body it may take up to a week before full benefits are seen.

How long is the shelf life for Just Sleep Natural Medicines?

Just Sleep Natural Medicines will retain full potency for a period of three years. Exposing the formula to temperatures over 110° F may alter its effectiveness. It is best not to leave your medicines in your car in the summer.

Is Just Sleep regulated?

Yes! Just Sleep is a recognized medicine, that is fully regulated as a natural drugs by the FDA.

How do I know Just Sleep is FDA compliant?

Every bottle of Just Sleep has a National Drug Code (NDC) on the front of the label. National Drug Codes are assigned by the FDA for regulated medications. As a way of ensuing strict standards batches are tested independently for standardization levels, heavy metals & pesticides. Meaning you get exactly what's stated on the label. ISO 9001-2000 and GMP compliant. Only trust products that have a National Drug Code assigned to them by the FDA. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

How do I take Just Sleep Natural Medicine?

Before initial dose, depress pump spray 2-3 times to prime. Hold Just Sleep's medically metered pump spray right up to your lips very close to mouth and spray one dose under your tongue. The adult dose is six complete pump sprays, 12 minutes before bedtime. For best results, take at least 10 minutes or more away from meals.

Does Just Sleep help produce gamma aminobutyric acid? (GABA)

The extracts found in Just Sleep contain gamma aminobutyric acid, glutamic acid and glutamate decarboxylase. In addition, the extracts facilitate uptake of gamma aminobutyric acid which then mediates brain activity.

Can children take Just Sleep Natural Medicines?

Yes. Children age 3 to 12 take three complete medically metered pump spray. Ages 8 to 12 take 3 medically metered pump sprays. Everyone above 12 can take the Adult Dose of 6 complete pump sprays. All OTC (over the counter) drugs must state that if pregnant or nursing, you should consult a physician before taking. Although Just Sleep Natural Medicine is registered OTC as a natural drug, its ingredients has never been reported in 200 years of clinical use as having any negative effects in pregnant or nursing women. Doctors treat pregnant and nursing women without any reservations. Most doctors consider this practice a two for the price of one special. Because of the benefits to the mother, the nursing or unborn child also reaps the benefits.

Do I need a prescription?

No. You do not need a prescription to obtain this natural drug. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider.

I am a Physician and am very interested in your product, Just Sleep. I have many patients who suffer with insomnia and various sleep difficulties. I would like to know what type of positive feedback and reports you are receiving from your customers who are using this product.

To clarify, Just Sleep is not a prescription sleeping pill. It is a well researched natural medicine with a proprietary herbal blend and a proprietary fungi extract Xylaria nigripes. Xylaria nigripes has gone through a dozen or so in vitro, in vivo, and human clinical trials and demonstrated that it can enhance the glutamic acid and gamma aminobutyric acid receptor levels in the brain to exert a gentle tranquilizing effects on the central nerve system.

We have received success stories from customers and doctors alike who were looking for alternatives to prescription sleeping pill. We have noticed through our customer feedback that Just Sleep works for about 9 out of 10. It will work for most people. Just Sleep enhances the quality of sleep so one can sleep better, renew and wake up healthier.

Wholesale/Retailer Inquiries

If you're a medical professional or a retail store interested in selling our natural medicine, please contact us. We have a growing number of dedicated doctors and retail stores. Our Just Sleep has a 91% re- order rate. 9 out of 10 customers buy Just Sleep again!

When will I get my products?

Just Sleep is shipped more often within 1 business one day of purchase. It is shipped USPS Priority Mail. It should arrive any within 2-4 days.

Tell me more about the sleep cycle?

The sleep cycle includes 4 stages of sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep:

Stage 1: Light Sleep transition between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by slow rolling eye movements. Stage 2: Decreased Sensory Awareness. Stage 3 & 4: Slow Wave Sleep or Deep Sleep. No eye movements or muscle activity. Heart and respiratory rates are very slow.

The last, REM sleep: Raid Eye Movement heart and respiratory rates increase, muscle twitches. This is when most vivid dreams occur.

Do you know what is causing my sleep problem? I'm not stressed out at work or at home, but still have trouble falling asleep.

There are so many factors that multiple visits to specialist might be required to pinpoint the exact cause. Lifestyle (eating late, jet lag, hunger, alcohol, caffeine, stimulant drugs), environment (noise, uncomfortable bed or bedroom), physical health problems (sleep apnea, asthma, tinnitus, pain, prostate problems indigestion), psychological (stress, grief), mental health problem (depression, anxiety) and medications can all contribute to sleep problem. Likewise, insomnia may occur when none of the above is present. This is known as 'primary' insomnia.

What is Just Sleep? Is it the same as an otc sleeping pill?

Just Sleep is a proprietary deep acting formula designed to help people maintain normal, healthy sleep, mood and mental clarity.

Just Sleep's unique formulation addresses all stages of sleep cycle with targeted natural plant compounds to support and enhance the quality of each of these stages. Just Sleep has been formulated to improve the overall quality of sleep so one can fully recover from the physical and mental stress on their body and mind.

Just Sleep is not a prescription sleeping pill so it may not instantly knock you out. As an all-natural sleep medicine, you many need to take Just Sleep™ for a week or two before experiencing its full effect.

How is Just Sleep™ different from other sleep products?

Just Sleep is NOT a prescription drug nor an unregulated herbal supplement. Just Sleep will not cause drowsiness and that foggy and grogginess feeling caused by other sleeping aids. You wake up totally refreshed and energized after taking Just Sleep. Just Sleep is a natural sleep medication that is both highly effective and safe in correcting the complex and complicated underlying imbalances associated with many type of sleep problems.

Just Sleep may extend the duration of both the Slow Wave Sleep and the Total sleep time, increase the amount of deep sleep, and improve overall quality of sleep so one wakes up recharged and relaxed. Many of our customers also tell us that Just Sleep gives them a sense of calm.

Just Sleep's mode of action is to maintain normal brain chemistry at an equilibrium state similar to those with the ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly by increasing the supply and uptake of glutamic acid, gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate decarboxylase. Because of Just Sleep™ unique ability to make a more long lasting change in brain chemistry rather than forcefully changing it temporarily like an sleeping pill, there are no side effects.

Still have questions?

Our professional staff is ready to help you. Please call Customer Service at 1-(800)-611-4805 International calls: 678-75-Sleep Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST.


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